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A Child's Place 25th Anniversary

A Child’s Place turned 25 this month!

In June 1999, A Child's Place, PA (ACP) Child Advocacy Center was first established in Allegheny County by executive director Dr. Mary Carrasco to ensure the speed and accuracy of child abuse investigations to protect the child from further abuse. Over this time, ACP has grown into a multi-purpose agency that is passionate about serving children and families and continues to offer programs and services intent on stopping and preventing child abuse. Today, ACP offers child abuse services in a total of six Western Pennsylvanian counties, provides caregivers with parenting support through our Healthy Parenting Program, and offers services and support to incarcerated mothers with our Mom’s Turn program.

In light of our anniversary, we would like to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to the gracious support we have received from the community over the years, members of our Multidisciplinary Team, and our current and former staff for carrying on our mission of improving the health, safety, and well-being of children. It takes a village to cultivate a safe community for children and we are grateful to those who have made this possible for a quarter of a century.

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