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Healthy Parenting Program

Established at A Child’s Place in 2017, the Healthy Parenting Program provides caregivers with support and a broad range of tools to help foster healthy, happy families! Our practitioners are trained in several evidence-based programs, including the internationally recognized parenting curriculum Triple P and the Evidence-Based Home Visiting model Parents as Teachers.



Triple P is an evidence-based program that focuses on goal-setting and problem solving specific to individual families’ needs, regardless of their circumstances. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school, and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realize their full potential. 

Parents as Teachers (PAT) provides a wide array of services to families with children from prenatal through kindergarten, and also offers deep insights into early childhood development. Since 1984, the model has been rigorously tested by peer-reviewed studies and shown to produce outstanding results for families.

Allegheny, Beaver, and Fayette Counties

Fayette and Beaver Counties

Allegheny Co

1515 Locust St, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Intake Coordinators: Melissa & Maura
(412) 650-0455

Monday - Friday

Beaver Co

1217 7th Ave, Suite 1
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Intake Coordinator: Melissa
(412) 650-0455

Monday - Friday

Fayette Co

137 N. Beeson Ave
Uniontown, PA 15401

Intake Coordinator: Maura
(412) 650-0455

Monday - Friday

Our Healthy Parenting certified Parent Educators offer families free parenting support, which is available in-person and virtually to meet the needs of busy families. The Healthy Parenting Program helps caregivers raise happier children, better understand their child's development, plan for the future, manage misbehavior, and set rules and routines to make the family feel more confident and successful.


A Child’s Place, PA offers the Healthy Parenting Program to all families in Allegheny, Beaver, and Fayette County free of charge. To register for Triple P services in Allegheny, Beaver, or Fayette Counties, please submit the Triple P online referral above or email  To Register for Parents as Teachers services in Fayette or Beaver County, please click the PAT online referral above.

meet the team

Hi, my name is Alicia! I have a BA in Anthropology and International Studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies. I have previously worked in Child Welfare as a Protective Care Caseworker and Family Advocate. I have also worked in Refugee Resettlement and Community Organizing. I have two calico cats, I love listening to True Crime Podcasts, and amusement parks are my happy place.


I am accredited to teach the Triple P Level 4 Standard, Triple P Level 4 Teen, and Triple P Level 4 Group curriculum to Beaver County caregivers of children between the ages of 0-17. My favorite parenting strategy is directed discussion because it gives families a chance to connect, it gives the child another opportunity to make good decisions and learn new skills, and problem behaviors can be addressed without escalation. I look forward to continuing to serve our community and the families of Beaver County!


Beaver Co. 


Allegheny Co.

Hello, my name is Angel! I have been doing parenting classes for seven years. I have a degree in psychology, drug, and alcohol I graduated from Carlow University, I have a history of education as well as being triple P accredited.


My most experience comes from raising my own four children which helps me to be sympathetic, help others to build confidence, and develop parenting strategies within their own home. Which helps parents to be empowered because parenting is one of the hardest jobs!


Beaver Co. 

My name is Christine, and I am the newest addition to the Healthy Parenting Program here in Beaver County. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Geneva in 2006 and since then have been working with adults and children throughout the county. I am accredited with Triple P level 4 standard and group.  


Being a lifelong resident and giving back to my community is my personal passion.  

Hello, my name is Danae!  I grew up in Upstate NY and came to Pittsburgh to attend the University of Pittsburgh where I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology. I have an amazing 13 year old son, who makes me laugh everyday! I love reading, hiking, and traveling! I taught ESL in Japan for a year, and I love learning about cultures that are different from my own.  I have worked with a variety of families with various backgrounds, and love helping these families achieve their goals. 

I work in Allegheny County and am accredited in Standard Triple P, Teen Triple P, and Standard Group Triple P. I love all the strategies Triple P has to offer, but my favorite Triple P strategies are incidental teaching and family meetings. I love to Triple P my own son; it has been such a benefit for me as a parent and my relationship with him. 


Allegheny Co.

Dr. Deonna D. received a Bachelor of Arts from The Pennsylvania State University. Shortly after graduating from The Pennsylvania State University, she  attended Point Park University where she would obtain a Masters of Fine Arts. Later, she returned to Point Park University where she would receive her Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Administration. Her dissertation title was "The Effects Theater Arts has on African American Youth in an Academic Setting: A Qualitative Ethnographic Research Study." In January of 2021 she became a Parent Educator for A Child’s Place, PA. 

Dr. Dee

Allegheny Co.

Hello! My name is Gregory and I am a Parent Educator with the Healthy Parenting Program. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University and have fifteen years of experience working in behavioral health, direct care, nursing, customer service and social work. I also have two young children, ages 5 and 2, and live every day as a father. My professional and personal experiences have allowed me to gain knowledge of the responsibilities and limitations of being a parent. Working with ACP has allowed me to follow my passion to help others, contributing to my community and gaining a footprint in Beaver County. I always look forward to meeting new people and learning to better myself every day!


Beaver Co.

My name is Jenyne and I’m a certified Professional School Counselor and have worked for years in schools across the globe helping develop healthy, happy citizens of tomorrow! I now have the privilege of working with A Child’s Place, helping families build a strong foundation of love and safety for their children.


I have two children who have taught me the joys and hardships of being a parent. Parenting is the hardest job and there is no manual or training. We learn through our experiences and many times those experiences stretch us beyond what we thought was possible. My favorite parenting technique that I use daily with my own children (and my partner 😃 ) is using Clear, Calm Directions. When I list a hundred expectations, it’s easy for my kids to miss or ignore the one they dread the most.  Being calm, getting eye contact, then giving them a single instruction limits the chances they will ignore my request… most days!


Program Manager

I'm Julianna, and since 2013, I've been dedicated to working with children and families in Pittsburgh. Accredited in Standard Triple P, Teen Triple P, and Standard Group Triple P, I bring extensive experience to my role as a Parent Educator. Previously, I've served in after-school programs and as a Discovery Block teacher at the Environmental Charter School. I was also a foster parent during lockdown, deepening my understanding of the challenges families face.

With a Bachelor's degree in English from Point Park University, my passion for communication and the human experience informs my approach. I prioritize giving families the tools they need to effectively communicate and take care of themselves. Through individual and group sessions, I provide practical tools to navigate parenthood's challenges, fostering nurturing environments where families can thrive. 


Allegheny Co.

My name is Kate, I am a Parent Educator with the Healthy Parenting Program. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California University of Pennsylvania and over 15 years of experience working in and managing non-profit and behavioral services programs.  Helping our kids become healthy, happy, independent adults is an important and tough job! I love that the strategies from Triple P can be applied throughout life and adapted to all different types of situations and relationships.


Fayette Co.

Lee Ann is an education professional who has been working with children for the past 17 years.  She has lived in the Pittsburgh area for most of her life and attended Bethany College and California University of PA.  Lee Ann is a former special education teacher, and early childcare provider.


This is Lee Ann’s first year working as a parent educator and she is excited to get to know the families she will be serving.


Fayette Co.

Hi!  I’m Lory, one off the Parent Educators in Fayette County. Prior to joining the team, I had the privilege of working with families in various settings over the last 20 years: Pre-K Counts, Early Head Start, and The Parent Child Home Program. I also worked as an ESL Tutor as well.


My passion since high school has always been to help people. I am married with 4 children that I am still learning new parenting techniques with every day, so I know firsthand how challenging that can be. I also have 4 dogs that I consider my bonus children as well!  I am so excited to have this opportunity to work with a fantastic agency, and to continue working with families throughout Fayette County.


Fayette Co.

Hi, my name is Maggi! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Secondary Education and a Master’s Degree in Child Psychology from Duquesne University. Prior to joining the Healthy Parenting Program I was a middle school math teacher where I used the Triple P strategies all the time and didn’t even know it! 
I work in Allegheny County and am accredited in Standard Stepping Stones Triple P. It’s hard to pick just one Triple P strategy to say is my favorite, but if I had to it would be directed discussion because it can help encourage good behavior and discourage problem behavior at the same time all while promoting much needed healthy communication skills from a young age. 


Allegheny Co.

Hello, I am Marlena.  I have a bachelor degree from Penn State in Health Education.  I worked in the school system for 20 years and was looking for a different direction during COVID and when the opportunity came to be a parent educator I took the leap and haven’t looked back since May 2020.  I am accredited in Triple P level 4 Standard, Group, Teen, and Group Teen.  I am currently Team Lead for Parent As Teachers in Fayette County. 

Working with parents and helping them navigator the stressors of being a parent during the past few years has been very rewarding.  The strategy I have come to appreciate is reflection and thinking of the positive first rather than the negative.


Fayette Co.

Hi my name is Maura! I serve Fayette County and am accredited in the Standard and Teen programs. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and worked for several years in the child welfare field as a protective and family services caseworker.  


I believe it’s true when they say parenting doesn’t come with a manual.  Most of us are just doing the best we can and using the same techniques that were modeled to us as a child. The thing I like most about the Triple P curriculum is it gives you simple strategies to try that have a great impact. My favorite strategy from the curriculum is quiet time. This strategy has reframed my perspective on discipline and taught me how I can use it to teach instead of punish.  I look forward to helping your family do the same! 


Intake Coordinator

Hello, my name is Megan C, I am passionate about helping families by increasing their skills, confidence, and resilience. I have trained in all levels of Triple P Positive Parenting, Community Resilience Model, and Motivational Interviewing. With these modalities I have helped hundreds of parents create nurturing family environments. I am also the mother of 3 children, which allows me to exercise all I’ve learned. Parenting can be very challenging, and everyone deserves non-judgmental support. 

I have a bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University in Leadership studies. Throughout my career I have skillfully created programs that span many sectors in partnership with state and federal agencies. I have utilized my understanding of parenting programs and trauma informed care to create agency relationships and networks of support, all aiming to increase the welfare of families. I truly believe that all caregivers can repair parenting missteps through self-regulation and supportive skill building. 

Megan C.

Assistant Coordinator/

Agency Liaison

Hi. My name is Megan S, and I am very happy to be working as part of The Healthy Parenting Program doing outreach. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I have a deep affection for the Pittsburgh area and all the amazing things it has to offer. I am a huge advocate for the power of community, and I believe that all individuals and families benefit from being an active part of a community – one that they just happen to live in or one that they build through shared interests and connections.l

After earning a bachelor’s degree at Penn State in Human Development and Family Studies, I returned to Pittsburgh to work, ultimately going to Pitt to earn a Master of Public Health degree. I have worked and volunteered at numerous local social service agencies with a focus on helping children, families, and individuals build healthy habits, surround themselves with a positive community, and thrive.

As the mother of 5 children who are now mostly young adults, I know the joy, worry, happiness, and struggles of parenting. Each parent and each family’s parenting journey is unique, but one thing that I know for sure is that none of us should do it alone. One of my favorite Triple P parenting strategies is to speak nicely. I find that when I speak nicely to my children, not only do they speak nicely back, it also calms things down and creates a more peaceful family life.

Megan S.

Allegheny Co.

Hi! My name is Melissa. I am the Intake Coordinator for the Healthy Parenting Program! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and over 15 years of experience working with children, families, and people in general! I spent many years teaching and providing educational programs throughout the community and in local schools. My love for working with people and helping others has lead me to Intake work where I get the opportunity to connect with many individuals throughout the counties!


I have two pet hamsters, enjoy listening to records on my record player and love decorating for holiday’s! I really enjoy my work as an Intake Coordinator. My position allows me the opportunity to connect with and get to know many different people and help connect them with a great support program and resource! 


Intake Coordinator

Hi, I’m Pamela. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Originally from Massachusetts it has been a wonderful experience for me moving to PA!; The sky is bigger and the trees are spectacular. People have been extremely welcoming. My experience is in youth and family services and working with women as they reunify their families. I have also spent time as the Executive Director of a Men’s health organization. My goals in the position of Parent Educator are to effectively assist families in the facilitation of Triple P and to help families live more capable and confident lives!


Allegheny Co.

Hi!  I’m Tristan, one of the Parent Educators in Fayette County.  I am certified in Level 4 Standard Individual and Group and Level 4 Standard Teen. Prior to joining the Healthy Parenting team, I had the privilege of working with families in various settings: BHT, Daycares, After School Programs, and Early Head Start. 

I am blessed with two wonderful sons and an amazing, supportive wife.  Together, we are an amazing team!  I am one of few people who don’t mind bringing their work home because Triple P has been an asset to me as a father.   One of my favorite techniques is the Routine for Dealing with Emotional Behavior.  This technique can help the parent and child go from being in an emotional charged place into the right space to communicate.  

I enjoy my work with the Healthy Parenting Program because it’s a collaborative process and I learn along with the families.  I am excited to continue working with families throughout Fayette County! 


Fayette Co.

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