Healthy Parenting Program

Established at A Child’s Place in 2017, the Healthy Parenting Program provides parents and families with support and a broad range of strategies and tools to help foster healthy, happy families, using the internationally recognized parenting curriculum Triple P. Triple P is an evidence-based program that focuses on goal-setting and problem solving specific to individual families’ needs, regardless of their circumstances. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school, and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realize their full potential. 


The Healthy Parenting certified Parent Educators offer families an opportunity to participate in free parenting classes, which are available in both group and individual sessions. The Healthy Parenting Program helps caregivers raise happier children, manage misbehavior, and set rules and routines to make the family feel more confident and successful. 


A Child’s Place, PA offers the Healthy Parenting Program to all families in Allegheny, Beaver, and Fayette County free of charge. To register for sessions, please contact the Healthy Parenting site for your county, listed below, or email


Healthy Parenting
Allegheny Co

1515 Locust St, Suite 300

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Monday - Friday


Healthy Parenting
Beaver Co

1217 7th Ave, Suite 1

Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Monday - Friday


Healthy Parenting
Fayette Co

137 N. Beeson Ave

Uniontown, PA 15401

Monday - Friday


My son is less temperamental and speaks more calmly when there’s a problem. He’s a happier kid. I’m a happier mom.

Our home is a lot less stressed and more fun. We enjoy each other more.

I often feel very
short-fused, but I’ve noticed the strategies help me to stay calmer and prevents my child from being aggressive.

My spouse and I no longer argue over what to do about difficult behavior.  Now we’re on the same page.

My son went from almost getting kicked out of daycare, to now we don’t get any bad behavior reports.





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