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Services available to Allegheny Co. residents currently or previously involved in the criminal justice system, including case management, referrals, and more. 

Structured conversation between a trained forensic interviewer and a child. ACP uses a research-based protocol intended to elicit details of allegations of abuse, neglect, and witness to violence.

physician consultations

Physicians, who are national experts in the field of child abuse and neglect, provide consultation at the request of MDIT members. Please call our main line for more information. 

National parenting and family support program designed to improve and prevent behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers. 

Medical evaluation of the child by a physician specially trained in child abuse and neglect. Ensures the safety and well-being of the child. 

A Child’s Place, PA staff possess expertise in a variety of areas and are available to assist and provide trainings in child abuse, prevention, and child safety. 

Free resources and guidance to new parents & caregivers offered by ACP's  experienced medical staff.

Medical evaluation of children entering, transferring within, or exiting the foster care system within Allegheny County. 

Please contact our main line for more information. 

Offered at all ACP sites, provide ongoing support and resources to caregivers prior to, during, and after their forensic services with us.