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Training + Education

A Child’s Place, PA staff possess expertise in a variety of areas and are available to assist and provide trainings in child abuse, prevention, and child safety. Please call the ACP main line (412-232-7200) for more information on scheduling a training. ​

training types

  • Mandated Reporter Training + Childline

  • First Responder Training and Child Abuse

  • Warning Signs and Prevention of Child Abuse

  • Medical Findings in Child Abuse Cases

  • Forensic Interviewing and the CAC

  • Court and Testimony regarding delayed disclosure and recantation

  • Child Trauma/Grooming/Disclosures/Recantation Training

  • Internet Safety/Human Trafficking

*A Child's Place, PA is open to developing additional trainings depending on the audience/subject. 

audience types

  • Medical Staff

  • School Staff

  • Parents/PTA

  • Law Enforcement

  • Children and Youth Services

  • Victim Services

  • Family Court and Common Pleas Judge and Counsel

  • Treatment Providers 

collaborator types

  • County Offices of the District Attorney

  • County Children, Youth and Families Agencies

  • Victim Advocacy Agencies

  • Physicians

  • Local and State Law Enforcement

  • FBI and Federal Investigating Agencies

  • U.S. Attorney’s Office

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