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Mom's Turn

Established in 2019, Mom’s Turn is the newest program of A Child's Place, PA.  Mom’s Turn provides services to currently and/or previously incarcerated women of the Allegheny County area.  Assistance is offered to women who have had involvement in the criminal justice system, have a history of trauma from a young age, and are residents of Allegheny County. 

Mom's turn offers a variety of services in both the community and within the Allegheny County Jail and the women’s facility of PROGRAM for Offenders, including evidence-based parenting classes, anger management classes, and case management services. 


Mom's Turn also incorporates The Healthy Parenting Program of A Child's Place, PA into its program, which follows the evidence-based Triple P curriculum, in addition to Parenting on the Inside, a curriculum specifically designed for incarcerated women. Classes are offered in both group and individual settings, and parenting students are also offered the opportunity to participate in the Mom’s Voice program that enables them to read, record, and send a storybook to their children. Mom’s Turn also provides anger management classes in both group and individual settings, using the Beyond Anger and Violence curriculum.


Finally, case management is offered to women after release from jail. These services  include housing and employment assistance, trauma screening and assessment, family reunification, counseling and referral services for substance abuse treatment, and referral to mental and physical health services.     


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